Hi, my name is Brian.

Brand Consultant /
Digital Content Marketer
  1. Giving brands a voice to engage with their clients and create long-lasting relationships.
  2. Building lean communication strategies with technology to increase brands’ influence and reach.

I bring digital solutions to traditional industries and brands.


Strong digital content is not static. It’s dynamic, tells stories, and encourages dialogue. These interactions with your brand make it come alive and gives it a personality that people can love.

My goal is to make your customers a part of your brand. They will feel valued and become “true fans” of your products. These are the people that stick with you forever, refer friends, forgive mistakes, and generate virality. This has worked for Patagonia, Lululemon, Ben & Jerry’s, Harley Davidson, GoPro, and can work for you too.   

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Digital Marketing
website // email // social media // sms
Content Creation
blogs // copywriting // video // podcasts
Brand Strategy
creating conversations to engage all generations // making true fans




I currently live in a Chicago 3-flat that I rehabbed via YouTube tutorials. The building was sold to me at 50% of its market value because it had caught on fire (yay!) and now I’m technically the owner of a Pentecostal church.

I backpacked around the world from Tokyo to London and then around the U.S. for 3 years.  Now, I’m a bit of a homebody, watching TV with my Insta-famous dog Splinter, doing magic shows at Comer Children’s Hospital on Saturdays, hanging out at Second Shift during the week, and rock climbing at First Ascent. In my spare time, I consult for organizations to keep the lights on and tacos on the table.

Stuff I like… tacos, rock climbing, cooking, building stuff from wood, rehabbing homes, stoicism, meditation, short story writing, religion, entrepreneurial stuff, content marketing, UX, animals, documentaries, subcultures, and reading.

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