Immigrant Inspiration for Wantrepreneurs

When my father immigrated to America from South Korea, he knew no English and had no money. Despite this, he managed to raise a family in middle-class America with a house, 3 cars, and name brand cereals (very important!). I’m telling you this because it’s an idea that motivated me to quit my job and start a company. Now, I am financially comfortable and work less than 10 hours per week with complete geographical freedom. In fact, I’m writing this post from Hanoi, Vietnam.

My father is no outlier. There are plenty of other immigrants throughout America who have managed to make a great life for themselves and their families. I’m sure you’ve met them as your friend’s parents, coworkers, or the owners of a local business.

Maybe you can already see where I am going with this, but if these immigrants can leave their countries without an education, language, or money and still become successful, surely you can achieve your dreams with the multitudes of opportunities and skills you possess. I can’t speak to each person’s situation–good or bad. However, I do know that almost everyone in America has more opportunities than these immigrants. You are literate in English and have access to the Internet–an endless wealth of information and social connections to help you towards any goal.

I can…

Everyone thinks they are not capable of doing whatever it is that will make them happy. They don’t believe that they possess the time, skills, or creativity. But how do you know without trying? There’s no way to know that you’ll be unsuccessful as photographer or baker without first trying to be a photographer or baker.

If you know what you want, don’t be afraid to throw yourself in the deep end. Think of how scary it is to leave behind your family and friends to go to a new country. A place where you cannot communicate with the people and where there are no guarantees. Similarly, when taking on a new venture, you are going someplace you’ve never been. Take it on with the same sense of wonderment and optimism that these immigrants had when they left for the United States. Hope for a better life.


There are currently millions of immigrants that have started successful businesses without money, language, or the Internet.  You have more opportunity and resources.  Nothing is stopping your from starting the business of your dreams today.

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