Who Is Brian Park?

I’m thirty-something years old and live in Chicago, where I spend most of my time renovating my 3-flat building, rock climbing, rescuing puppies through New Leash on Life, and performing as a certified hospital magician at local pediatric hospitals with Open Heart Magic. In my spare time, I operate Nabee Socks and The Nurse Startup to keep the lights on and eat tacos.

Did I mention that I used to be a nurse?  I was working in the surgical ICU until I started Nabee Socks in late 2012.  The company started through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.com and has grown to make $350,000+ a year. While this might not be as impressive as the millions that other online entrepreneurs make, I run the whole company by myself while traveling all around the world and working about 10 hours a week 🙂

Weird Brian Facts:
1. I backpacked from Tokyo to London
I made the whole trip using airline points that I earned through “credit card churning”, which you can read about here.
2. I accidentally visited the Syrian border
I booked a random flight to Turkey due to some poor planning and ended up in Sanliurfa, where I drove Syrian refugees to the grocery store with a guy from Lichtenstein named Marco Fux.
3. I’m a certified medical support hypnotherapist
The classes were taught by MDs/RNs and the academy ran NIH funded clinical studies. Ask me about it 😉
4. I funded my freshman year of college with Beanie Baby and Pokemon money
I sold lots of Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards on eBay as an adolescent. The best business training!
5. I’ve attended FOUR different colleges
I dropped out once, transferred once, and then got an “advanced second degree” bachelor in nursing. It was a lot of education (and loans) to end up going into entrepreneurship, which needs no degree at all 😛

If you’re a nurse and interested in learning how to open your own business, go check out my online course: TheNurseStartup.com

Interested in hiring me to talk at your next event?  Speak!

Want to ask me a question? e-mail me at brian@nabeesocks.com

My newly minted personal Instagram: BrianParkRN

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